Ilha de Moçambique

Discover this amazing coral island

A small, beautifull coral island located in the bay of Mossuril. It is connected with a 3,5 km long and only 300 meter wide bridge with the mainland.

The Island of Mozambique was named after the sultan “Ali Musa Mbiki” and with the influence of the Portuguese in the sixteenth century the name became Ilha de Moçambique.

The Government of Mozambique used to be seated on the Island of Mozambique untill 1898, after that the capital was transferred to the city of Lourenco Marques (today Maputo).

The main motivation for visiting the Island of Mozambique is to experience it’s rich history, architectural heritage and atmosphere. There are some important monuments, attractions and sights worth seeing on the island. It is obvious that with every street, every house, every brick having its own faded history, the island is an enormous open air museum, giving the sensation of being  back in time some 300 years and being able to walk among the early settlers,soldiers, pirates and traders.

In 1991 Ilha De Mozambique was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site.

 The island today is entirely urbanized, with Stone Town in the North, remaining of great interest to tourists, for the unique and beautiful historical buildings, and the South, now known as Macuti Town, being highly populated by the mayority in coconut palm houses.

Ilha de Moçambique: an amazing gorgeous island. A magic world for those who long for distinctive culture and fascinating architecture, set in colorful scenery and eager to interact with the friendly local population. All this combined with pleasant places to stay, to eat,to visit and to relax. A tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean blessed with an azure blue sea and white sanded beaches nearby.

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